Passion to cheese

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New game announced!

   Hello! It's time to announce our new game. We want to make  2D parking simulator for android and html5. This game will be our first experience for those platforms. We want to make a few cars to choose from and a lot of levels. . at the moment we have done something similar to the prototype.
  So far, nothing more to say, the only thing we can show you a screenshot of one of the cars.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

General impression of the development. The final stage.

Warning: My English is very bad!

Well, development have reached the final stage, all this time, I met nice people who offered their help. We were joined by a man named Russell Harris, he is responsible for the music. "Passion to cheese" is our first game, it was very important for us. Each of the team members has improved free. Each of the team members to improve their skills, learn some features of game development also got a kick out of your work.

That's what we have:

- All mehanics in game.
- Save/load.

- Main menu.
- New graphics.
- Demo music.
- Half of introductory comics.
- 7 levels.
The work is:
- Full music version.
- The second part of  introductory comics.  
- New levels. 
- Find and fix bags.